Step 6: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!

While googly eyes and antenna are not required for your roach to function, it sure looks a lot cuter now! Feel free to give it some more flair with bits of paper, spare electronics, or whatever you have laying around. Here at the shop we’ve made some with laser cut acrylic heads, LED eyes, and diode legs, which look pretty cool. Keep an eye out for our Solar Cockroach 2.0 Deluxe kits featuring these upgrades!

We hope the guide and video are helpful for those of you looking to put together our kit, or to assemble a Solar Cockroach from scratch. This project is super fun to make, and a great “first robot” project for kids.

hrodriguez73 years ago
( i hope you're not annoyed with all my comments)
I still dont understand why you can't use the motars that already have wires