Step 6: Solder the motor

Picture of Solder the motor

The easiest way to solder the motor is to use a "Helping Hand" style holder. You can find these at any electronics store.

Now before you start to solder you must keep in mind that these are small motors and can easily melt if you "over" solder them. You want to put your iron on for a count of three, quickly apply the solder, and pull away. You don't need much solder to make a good connection and I'd hate to see you waste your $2 motor.

First, put the motor into a clip so that the rotating end is inside the clip, and the soldering bits are sticking out.

Second, put the resistor leg in the other clip. Line up the two so they're touching.

Because I'm using a nonstandard motor, my soldering point is the round metal bit on the rear of the motor. This is where I press up my little 90 degree bend bit.

(You can see me soldering a more "standard" motor in my old guide. It's really not complicated.)

Third, line up the solder on one side of the wire next to your solder point.. Then put the soldering iron a little ways up the wire. The heat will flow down and this helps prevent you from overheating and destroying the motor.

The solder should start to flow rather quickly, within a 5 or 6 seconds. If it doesn't, pull away. You want to quickly add solder and get out of there as soon as possible!

Fourth, you'll add the second resistor leg. On a standard vibrating motor you'd just add it to the other little tab, but this is where I like my non-standard motor better. My second tab is the entire outer shell.

So for me I just line up the second wire so it is touching the outer metal shell and then solder the wire on. This allows me more freedom in tight situations.

At this point you should have a motor with two short wires attached to it. Before moving on you should really test out your motor. The most simple way is to just grab a battery and touch the two legs to the ends (a small flat coin battery works best). If the motor starts to vibrate then you're golden, if not then you may have melted you motor. Or you have a bad battery.

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hrodriguez73 years ago
in the kits that you guys sell, do you pack inthe kinda motars that your using,
or the fancy blue ones.