Step 12: Prepare the DS

Picture of Prepare the DS
Cut and strip two medium lengths (a little over 10cm) of the other color wire. If you don't have another color, mark the ends of these two, you will need to tell them apart from the others.

In the slot where the battery was, you should see two terminals. Wedge one end of one of the wires into one of the terminals and use the helping hands tool to hold it in place. Solder the wire there using only a small amount of solder. Repeat this with the other wire and the other terminal.

Place a strip of ribbon into the battery cavity so that the ends come out of both sides. Because we added some stuff to the terminals of the battery and the DS, it is very cramped in there and the battery has to be forced in. The ribbon is very important and it is near impossible to get the battery out without it.
Metal Crave6 years ago
Some of the older handhelds used to have the ribbon built in, but thats when we replaced the batteries often because they didn't come with rechargebles.