Here's an imaginative but simple & cheap kids project that fosters both creativity AND solar insights-ideal for 8-10 year olds!  It's based around a ~$2 tube style solar garden lamp and blown out egg shell.    

Step 1: Solar Easter Egg Lamp

The basic of the Instructable involves decorating a carefully emptied egg shell, then placing it over an up-ended  solar garden lamp base. The effect in the dark is MAGICAL, & a suprising ammount of light is produced. It's ideal for kids bedside lamps, as parts & electrics are completely safe.  The lamp's internal NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydrid) battery will run for several hours, and readily recharges when the solar cell is exposed to the sun.
A rural NZ school really ran with the idea, and the pre-teen kids went on to produce (teacher supervised) scrambled eggs for the entire class. Yum!
This conversion proved very popular here in NZ pre (late March) Easter 2013, and it nicely matched earlier nights as our seasons change to "down under" autumn!

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