Convert an electric scooter to a trike. And then make it solar for extra awesomeness.

This is not my project. It is by a guy I see around. I interviewed him and took some pictures. There is enough information here to get you started if you have some hand tools and curiosity.

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Step 1: What You Need

Wrenches and screwdrivers
Hacksaw or maybe an angle grinder
Welder. Oh, you don't have a welder? Now you do.

Electric scooter, or maybe any bicycle would work fine.
~1/4" x 2" angle aluminum
~3/4" steel square pipe
Angle iron (you decide how strong it should be)
Scrap steel pieces
Front suspension from a small "quad" 4 wheeler.
Wheels with a thick (14mm?) axle. The axle must be strong enough to be supported on one side only.
cool :)<br>
Where did you get the front suspension?
The front suspension is from a small quad (4 wheeler).
Sweet, this is awesome!

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