Solar Energy Parabolic Cooker





Introduction: Solar Energy Parabolic Cooker

since the children had there summer holiday, we thought of a novel way to work on a project . We had some old parabolic dish (which was lying in the store for a long time), old cooker, etc.,

we built a Parabolic dish reflector .

Materials required for this project were:
- Parabolic Dish Antennna
- Any Cooking pot
- Black Heat resistant paint
-ALuminum foil tape
- Emery paper for rubbing the dish
and patience...



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    In your first photo, it appears that your dish is not focusing where it should. The bar sticking out on the left side of your photo is the correct focal point for that dish. If you turn the dish 90 degrees counterclockwise, you may find that your water boils much faster, your omelette will take just a few minutes, and your temps will be much higher. I have reached 588 degrees with one of my satellite dishes, and you will too, if you get the correct focal point.... They were designed to hit a specific target, and you have missed the target I think. Nice job however!!!

    Could you edit in some information on how you made it?

    (And you ought to move the "finished" photo to be first.)

    hi what kind of information you looking for....
    ok will shift the finished photo to the first.. thanks for your comments......

    Just what you did, in a few steps.