Solar Etching


Introduction: Solar Etching

I started this hobby about 2 weeks ago. These are my first designs, all free hand. There's not much to it. Just have a big enough magnifying glass, some woods planks, and enough hours of sunlight and get started. I plan to make bigger and more detailed ones in the future. The bigger your glass, the faster it'll burn the wood. Thanks for reading, and hope you have fun. Make sure to wear sun glasses and be ready for a tan.



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    na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na... batman!!!!!!!!

    Ummmm...... Where are your instructions?!?!?!? What did you use to draw
    on the wood to make the magnifying glass and the sun burn the design on
    the wood?

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    I will add explain, I'll edit the instructable for you and for others as well.