Picture of Solar Gameboy Advance
Give your Gameboy Advance a little solar power.
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Step 1: Get supplies

You will need:
1 Gameboy Advance (the original one not the SP or Micro)
1 Solar Panel (from garden lights)
1 Switch (optional yet recomended)
1 Diode (definatly NOT optional)
1 Voltage Regulator (only optional if your solar panel can't give out more than 6 volts)
A little bit of spare wire

Step 2: Put the small parts together

Picture of Put the small parts together
Attach them in a series going:
Switch -> Diode (make sure electricty flows from the switch to the regulator) -> Voltage Regulator

Step 3: Attach the new series to positive terminals

Picture of Attach the new series to positive terminals
Connect the end with the switch to the solar panel.
Next, connect the end with the voltage regulator to the Gameboy.
Make sure both are on positive terminals

Solder works best!

Step 4: Connect grounds

Picture of Connect grounds
Connect both the negitive terminal and the top of the voltage regulator to any ground on the device. You can use the negative terminal on the Gameboy for the best ground

Step 5: Insert batteries

Get Ni-Cd (Nickle-Cadium) batteries. These are the only ones that will work in this circuit. You can just put them in the old Gameboy battery compartment.

Step 6: Let your Gameboy charge in the sun

Picture of Let your Gameboy charge in the sun
Flip the switch and set it in the window to let it charge. Most solar lights won't give you enough power to let the Gameboy work without batteries so it's best to let the solar panel just charge the batteries.

Congrats, your all done (and I just finished my first instructable). Go and celebrate.
Madrias3575 years ago
You don't just have to use NiCD batteries: I've charged NiMH batteries with this type of setup.
andrew937 years ago
where did you buy that solar panel? i'm looking for a big one but all i found is a small one!!
bmlbytes (author)  andrew937 years ago
1. This is a very small solar panel
2. I didn't buy it. It came out of solar garden lights
3. Try ebay http://home.search.ebay.com/solar_Electrical-Solar_W0QQfromZR34QQsacatZ20595