Today I will be making a solar hat. What you will need, a small DC motor, a 2 1/2 half inch solar panel can get this out of a solar garden lamp with about 3 volts of power,some wire, a baseball cap, tin foil, a propeller. tools... Hot glue gun, soldering gun (optional) please vote for this project if you like it.:):):) Thanks hope you have FUN!!! :):)

Step 1: Build It Then Use It

Now you just add glue where is needed and make sure the polarity on your motor to the polarity on your Solar panel is correct so your motor spins right way. Otherwise, the motor might not blow air on you. Glue your tin foil around on the top of your hat pretty much any tin foil will do. Now just follow the photos and video that I have supplied and logic.

<p>Nice idea. but.. just a tip.<br>The &quot;color&quot; <br>black is light being absorbed hardly reflected, which is why black <br>objects heat up more in the sun. White is mostly the opposite, its not <br>reflective like a mirror is, but it absorbs very little actual <br>light/heat and dissipates most of the light. <br>This is also why we don't have <br>true &quot;black lights&quot; you cant have a light bulb that absorbs light making<br> rooms dark. it just doesn't work that way. lol <br><br>The top of your <br>black brim is still absorbing light/heat. The fan will take some of that<br> surrounding heat and blow it towards your face... that effect would be reduced with a white <br>hat, and might feel a little cooler. you can still wrap your foil on it, that<br> does help reflect nearly all light. but it also has an added bonus of looking funny. </p>
<p>Thanks :):)</p>
<p>i have no idea why it put a new line after &quot;color&quot; lol....<br>it wasnt like that in the text editor.</p>
<p>This is really cool! I bought something similar to this online last year.</p><p>Do you have any more steps for how you made it?</p>
<p>No I don't :(:(</p>

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