Introduction: Solar Inverter

After a long time, finally I made a project which is capable of producing green energy. In short, my project "Solar Inverter" converts the sunlight into the AC voltage by some suitable arrangement. This project does not require any professional skill as all the parts and components are ready-made and just need to assemble in 10-15 minutes as shown in the video.

Step 1: Required Parts

Picture of Required Parts
  • Solar panel 12V, 50W
  • Solar charge controller 12V, 10A
  • Inverter 200W
  • Battery 12V, 35Ah

Step 2: Connection Diagram

Picture of Connection Diagram

As you can see in the connection diagram that all the parts are connected to the "solar charge controller". The charge controller device behaves like a central computer of the system to control the flow of voltage from solar panel and battery to the inverter.

First of all, the DC voltage coming out from the solar panel is regulated by the charge controller and thus the regulated voltage is transferred to the battery for suitable mode of charging. Finally, the resultant voltage from the charge controller is converted into AC voltage by the inverter.

Step 3: Power of Solar Panel

Here is another video of solar panel to show the actual power of the panel to drive a high speed dc motor which is coupled with a propeller.


RobnAus (author)2017-01-10

Keep up the good work! Bravo

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