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I was inspired by Solar-Hot-Water-Kettle-From-Plastic-Bottles-and-Glass and Solar Water Bottle Heater

My kettle has over-boiled on several occasions since I made it.

Yesterday it over-boiled by 10:30am.  The min/max temps were 17C(62F) and 29C(84F). Sunrise about 6:30 am.

Beware you can easily scald yourself when the water boils.

For the reflector I used a 25 liter paint bucket covered with Aluminium Foil.  The inside bottle is a 750ml glass wine bottle.


aroberts25 (author)2012-07-02

Do you have a cork/lid of some kind on the wine bottle or not necessary/risk of explosion? Great design will be trying it out here in Ireland... min/max temps of 10-18 degrees C so hope it still works!

useraaaaa (author)2012-06-18

is it really easy to scald yourself with 29C(84F) ?

Helter (author)useraaaaa2012-06-20

I believe he was talking about the air temperature. So on a day that was max 84F outside, his wine bottle was boiling.

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