Solar Lantern Oroboreal Light





Introduction: Solar Lantern Oroboreal Light

It is a solar lantern made by sticks, by iridescent transparent paper and by a sun lamp of garden.

I have make a video being how understandable to do it

Step 1: Purchase of Equipment

1 Pistol has glue

2 Iridescent transparent paper

3 Sun lamp of garden

4 popsicle sticks

5 Lasure mahogany

6 brush

Step 2: How to Build It

1. hack a solar lantern

1.1 Defuse the solar lantern and get back the electronics.

1.2 With some hot glue, collect the battery, the solar panel and the electronic circuit in a block

2. Build the form of the lantern

2.1 Use batonets broken in the hand and stick them one to the others by letting speak your imagination.

Look at my video to understand

2.2 Make a square for the location of the solar block at the top of the lantern

3 Paint the structure

use a beautiful color wood and a brush

4 Stick the solar panel

5 Cut a square of iridescent paper and insert into the lantern



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    Love the ethereal look :-)