Step 4: Done

Here is a picture of the inside of my mailbox at night. It is bright enough to easily see any letters may have in the box at night. The light should work for many hours after the sun goes down.
Great idea and a great instructable. :-)
Cut the wires, make them longer, drill hole big enough for the wire seal with hot glue or silicon (bulb inside). Put solar panel on sunny side. Less opening for leaks. <br>Doodado
Why not just cut the top of the solar light off (everything buy the shaft) and drill a hole in the top back of the mailbox the size of the light part. Insert in the hole with the solar cell part sticking up on the top with the actual light part inside the top back of the mail box. Seal around the edge of the top part with some silicon caulk and you have a quick and easy way that only tales a few minutes to do. Just make sure you mount in the back of the mail box on the top.
Thats what is so GREAT about Instructables,,,,, <br>Someone does Something,,,,,,,,,,, <br>And it gets others to do some Thinking,,,, <br>I love Instructables..............Dont u???????
Good idea but I'd still wear gloves.
neat idea !
Nice idea -- very useful and practical. Thanks for posting this!

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