Step 2: Solar Cell and Capacitor Necklace

If your solar cell does not already come with some kind of wires attached to the + and - poles, then you'll want to solder two short wires with little loops at the end to these before you start.

Start by making two little hooks with a loop on the opposite end, by bending wire around your pliers. See photos. Or you can use any small metal hooks that you have.

Now thread a small (so it will fit through the beads) needle with conductive thread. Take it double. Stitch through one of the loops of the hooks you just made and fasten it. Now start stringing beads onto this thread. As many as the length of your first capacitor, plus a few more. In my case it was 20 beads. Make loops with the wires of your capacitors (no need to solder them) and sew around the loop of your capacitor a few times before continuing to thread beads onto the string. Again use enough beads to cover the length of your second capacitor, plus a few more. When connecting the second capacitor make sure that if you sewed to the minus leg of the first capacitor that you do the same for the second. Now do the same for the other side, connecting the plus sides together. See photos.

When you have finished both sides and both are equally long. Cut two small droplet shape pieces of neoprene (you can also use another kind of sturdy fabric). Fuse a strip of conductive fabric one side of each of these droplets. Sew one of your beaded conductive threads to the narrow end of one of these droplets. Connecting conductive thread with conductive fabric! And sew beaded conductive thread to the narrow end of the other droplet. See photos.

Now punch poppers through the wider end of each of the droplets.
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yknow, this is an interesting ible, but the twirling feathers kinda look like a waving hand
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i like the idea! could you mod this into a bikini and post the pics?
I won't, but you could!
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how do you wash it? it seems the capacitors would get wet
Ah! but they are attached with poppers for exactly that reason, so that they can be removed for washing! The capacitors are part of the &quot;necklace&quot; part of the t-shirt &gt;&gt;<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/plusea/3236542913/in/set-72157613088115999/">http://www.flickr.com/photos/plusea/3236542913/in/set-72157613088115999/</a><br/>
ok I see now. I thought it was all part of the shirt.
what's the schematic of the circuit?
There are two photos included int he INTRO step that picture the schematic. Let me know if you find any mistakes.
it would be better if you used alligator clops for the solar panel/battery, you would get a more reliable connection
Hm. You really think so? I never thought of this as a weak-point, but you could be right. Tough i'd prefer to find a different solution than crocodile clips, magnets or poppers or conductive velcro.... but somehow the hooks and loops work well with the necklace aesthetic. Maybe the hook/loop connection could be made tighter?
you could possible make the loops tighter but then it would be harder to change the power supply<br/><br/><sup>step 9, you have some sort link error, second paragraph, 3rd sentence</sup><br/>
uhhh different.
Looks like it tickles, hah.
Did you win the eneloop battery contest? Nice instructable.
You could defiantly mod it to throw ninja stars!!!!!! It would be pretty cool to make a back scratching mod too !

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