Step 9: Adding the mirrors and glass...

I used double sided tape to attach the mirrors to the panels. To ensure I got them straight I fitted two pieces scrap angle for the mirrors to sit on. You do not get a second chance if you line them up wrong.  After the mirrors were firmly pressed on I fitted the glass front. I used two sheets of 6mm toughened glass. There is a 25mm space between them giving it double glazing. This helps to retain the heat.
I wheeled it into the sunlight and within 30 minutes the internal heat had passed boiling point with the ambient temperature being twenty eight degrees Celsius. I am expecting temperatures around 300f on good days.
Thats the oven more or less finished. There are a few more little things I want to do. At the moment when the oven is tilted backwards it rest on the frame. I want to make a spring loaded locking system to hold it at any angle to the sun. I want to improve how the mirrors are held in position. I will also fit angled aluminum on the edges to improve water proofing and for a more professional look.

VIDEO  A short video would not embed its self but you can watch it here.....  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92xBhfcUX0A.
Misac-kun3 years ago
your sun tracking system is very simple and clever, i just imagine how much it will heat on desert areas, like mojave :D
Ben0824 years ago
Your design seems really simple and effective. The thermometer showed that it reached a good temperature. I will definitely try this maybe on a smaller scale and keeping an eye on cost. Thanks for the instructable.
nragavan2 years ago
How about plastic mirrors? It would reduce the weight. And would perspex/acrylic work instead of glass?