This tool roll holds a variety of objects as well as an integrated solar panel system which enables you to charge a power bank while on the go - whether you're traveling, camping, or simply in the coffee shop. Through the power bank you can then charge up your cell phone, flash light, headphones etc...

Tool rolls are pretty great because you can custom make them to hold and protect whatever you want. I wanted this roll to hold stuff I use a lot when I go to do work - so a powerbank, flashlight, audio recorder, various wires and chargers, extra sd cards and batteries - you know all the kind of stuff that tends to get lost in the bottom of your bag.

Step 1: Figuring Out the Size

For this tool roll I'm going to be working with some waxed canvas which has a really interesting feel, and it is water resistant, so it's really a good fit. However you could certainly use any type of heavy duty fabric.

A tool roll is essentially just a place to hold everything that you want to bring along. So you basically create pockets for each individual item by layering one piece of canvas over another piece of canvas, so you can measure out for each tool.

The fabric I got came by the yard - similar in size to a meter, and this fabric also happened to be almost 2 yards wide. Now making a tool roll like this doesn't require a whole lot of material - so one yard here probably make like 4 tool rolls of this size, for a total of $20.

First of all I decided what size I needed for the objects I wanted it to hold. The back piece needs to be large enough so it can fold over to prevent the objects from falling out. Then there's a smaller pocket sewed on to that, where you sew in separators to hold each individual object.

<p>Hi Linn,</p><p>I would love for you to work on a chef Knife Roll ;)</p><p>Cheers.</p>
<p>Hey Linn! Been watching you for a while and currently geeking out on all your projects again thanks!<br><br>For all those interested in getting those panels I've found something fairly similar here: <a href="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5V-500MA-2-5W-Mini-Solar-Panel-Module-DIY-for-Cell-Charger-/161347478808?hash=item25910f2518:g:jdQAAOSwBahVB8jM" rel="nofollow">Link To eBay</a></p>
<p>I really like the detail in the steps of your project! I've made tool rolls using the seam ripped pants legs off of old jeans. Your waxed canvas looks professional and durable.</p>
<p>Where did you get your solar panels? Are they flexible or rigid? How much do they add to the cost to make this?</p>
Nice perfect idea ... I see for make the same on travel mtb bag...
<p>Fantastic. PS love your videoes. I am always inspired to do things that are a little out of my comfort zone after seeing the things you do. This is one of many projects which inspire me.</p>
<p>Great fathers day present.</p>
<p>Verry Cool Linn! I love the tool roll I was thinking of making one here soon. you gave me a bunch of great ideas!</p>

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