Small solar panel made from various separate panels made with minimum materials.
Basic small panel for charging a few AA batteries over the span of 3/4days of sun,(A rarity in the the uk however just in case i made a small panel)

Will probably expand this panel so it is a temporary design and the rest of the A4 size panel will be filled with mixed cells, obtained form old toys solar garden lights even calculator panels would add a tiny amount of power,soldering on glass panels takes some practice but can be done.

(2.01 VOLTS IN LOW LIGHT CONDITIONS "TESTED") More then enough to charge your battery even on a dark day..even from indoor household light! harvest some back even at night..why not.. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

Step 1: Parts Needed

x5+. Solar Cells. (scavenged from solar garden lights etc)
x1. A-4 sheet of Plexiglass/Perspex.
x2 Colors of electronic wire. (optional just helps indicate polarity)
x1 A4 Size piece of Cardboard. (for the temporary backing)
x1 Multimeter voltage & battery tester. (set mine to read 10v DC for reference)
x1 Blocking Diode. (Scavenged from an old TV unknown rating or type not pictured)
x1 Glue Gun & Glue.
x1 Soldering Gun/Iron & Solder.
x1 Helping hands. (for holding the panels while you solder the connections)
x2 Batteries for charging, (mine are recycled from old solar lights)

How do you charge the battery is there any regulator?

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