Small solar panel made from various separate panels made with minimum materials.
Basic small panel for charging a few AA batteries over the span of 3/4days of sun,(A rarity in the the uk however just in case i made a small panel)

Will probably expand this panel so it is a temporary design and the rest of the A4 size panel will be filled with mixed cells, obtained form old toys solar garden lights even calculator panels would add a tiny amount of power,soldering on glass panels takes some practice but can be done.

(2.01 VOLTS IN LOW LIGHT CONDITIONS "TESTED") More then enough to charge your battery even on a dark day..even from indoor household light! harvest some back even at night..why not.. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

Step 1: Parts needed

x5+. Solar Cells. (scavenged from solar garden lights etc)
x1. A-4 sheet of Plexiglass/Perspex.
x2 Colors of electronic wire. (optional just helps indicate polarity)
x1 A4 Size piece of Cardboard. (for the temporary backing)
x1 Multimeter voltage & battery tester. (set mine to read 10v DC for reference)
x1 Blocking Diode. (Scavenged from an old TV unknown rating or type not pictured)
x1 Glue Gun & Glue.
x1 Soldering Gun/Iron & Solder.
x1 Helping hands. (for holding the panels while you solder the connections)
x2 Batteries for charging, (mine are recycled from old solar lights)


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