Solar USB Charger From Computer UPS





Introduction: Solar USB Charger From Computer UPS

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I found a 7805 voltage regulator that lowers 6-18 VOLTS to 5 VOLTS, Next I unsoldered it from the UPS pcb, soldered it correctly to 2 solar panels I had in my collection, and then to a USB port!



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    I have to say that I'm not sure where you can salvage solar cells/panels, But you can always put a lot of solar panels in parallel to have more amps... You can use these

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    Looks like the person I replied to deleted his comment...

    Solar panels on some (obviously solar-powered and sometime also hand-cranked) radios, and solar garden
    lights are where I usually see them being salvaged. Sometimes the
    batteries on the garden lights will fade, but the panels are still good
    (and the LEDs). And I have seen some really small ones (only one very small panel) on some