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Introduction: Solar Power Clothes Dryer

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This low-tech energy saver consists of a 20-foot length of rope and twenty or so clothes pins.

Step 1:

Using a drying rack inside also works well, but it takes a little longer to dry clothes.

Step 2:

The energy reduction here can be substantial. Hang-drying your clothes costs nothing in electrical usage.

Step 3:

Another laundry tip is to wash your clothes in cold water. Up to 90 percent of the energy needed to wash clothes is attributed to heating the water.

Step 4:

The average family will save $60 a year by washing in cold water.



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Lmfao, I'm cheap by nature so of course you had me at solar power.... I certainly knew what kind of post this was and so glad that I started my morning with a fantastic laugh! I'm sure the neighbors are wondering why I'm outside laughing aloud while admiring my solar powered clothing / pool toy dryer and storage unit. Ahhhh there's nothing like word play, being Facetious AND crafty rolled into one wee post. You did my "sol" good and the belly laugh produced enough hot air to work in tandem with my new top of the line, energy saving, going green, loving the fact that some people just have no cents ( haha) to think outside of Their little cardboard box lives... So sorry for them because this made me pee my pants... I may have other problems concerning that but you were a catalyst, now can you help me make a solar powered water heater for our outdoor pool shower? I'll have you know that while I have access to power tools, it's up for debate if I should be using them, I'm craft my for sure, duct tape and construction adhesive is my friend and one year I decided that wrapping the hose that goes to the shower in aluminum foil was a brilliant idea and a great use of 5 hours and insane amounts of foil. But hey! It worked for a while until my husband mowed over it. Ughhh I was very sad that day.

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Thank you for your reply I am glad you enjoyed it. As for a DIY pool heater well I saw one that was simply a hunderd feet of black garden hose that was snaked out across a low roof. A solared power fountain pump was used to pump pool was through the house. Most import thing you could get is a pool blanket to help maintain the heat in the water as it cools down overnight.

I must say I thought
Solar powered
meant by the Sun.
Wind actually dries better.
in my humble 51 year old experience.

I like your instructable.

I have a paracord line out in the woods

as soon as it stops pouring rain

I come back with a picture

Our power bill dropped about 25% when my SPD was put into service. It won't work in the rain, regardless of how we wiggle the wires, but I can deal with that.

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Thank you for the nice commet. I am glad you understood the spirit of my posting.

I must disagree--in that the wind is caused by rising air heated by the sun your clothes dry is still solar powered.

got me there.Hmm, but then so are windmills :-)

Misleading I have been using one of these for the past 6 decades and I can assure it works even at night. It does not rely on solar power.

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It's true, mine does work in shade or during night too . I must say that a clear sky usually means low relative humidity and this promotes a quicker exchange of water between your clothes and atmosphere. A moderate wind, space between cloths rows, the absence of foldinngs and any sort of roofing during nights and rainy days will encrease the efficacy of the process. Natural fibers ropes are less durable, expensive and may stain the clothes, I never heard of using natural ropes in the last decades

It is funny how people think about my “solar powered clothes dried.” I wanted people to see how simple it is to be sustainable. “ Solar Powered Clothes Drier” is just word play. Someday I will learn that irony never works.

And you are right it will work in the moonlight. I guess I should have called it the relative humidity clothes dried. As long as there is less moisture in the air then in the cloth then the clothes will dry.

Your Friend in sustainability

actually I thought you were recycling an old joke from around the founding of Earth Day when an ad was placed in the Inquirer or some other such rag for plans to build a solar powered clothes dryer.

LOL, I thought it was a great play on words/theme.
Some people are just a bit too serious to get the joke.

Nice way to demonstrate a point, well done.

although this is a good green concept, it's a bit misleading to call this a "solar power clothes dryer" when it's just a clothesline!

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You're right, it is just a clothesline. However, the sun does heat the air that dries the clothes and grows the vegetables that I eat to give me energy to hang the clothes. So just chalk it up to a little marketing. It did get you to look at it. Your friend, Mr. Green

I'm a seamstress and I wish more people would wash their clothes in cold water and line dry. Much easier on the environment and hot water and dryers deteriorate the fibers in clothing, causing your clothing to fall apart much faster.


It's not merely a solar powered clothes dryer, it is both solar and wind powered. Most significantly, the device maximizes the synergy of both power sources to dry clothes very efficiently when conditions are both sunny and windy.

Another benefit of the device is its additional sanitation feature afforded by the ultraviolet radiation automatically applied to the laundry through the direct use of solar energy.

Thanks for your imput I also like hang drying because of the exercise I get.

Thanks AnaLou

I never thought about the eco saving from less clothing wear--I just considered the energy saving.

For other sustainable Ideas look at my other instructables on my profile