Solar Powered Bug and Bait Trap





Introduction: Solar Powered Bug and Bait Trap

How to make a very simple solar powered bug and bait trap, no need for bait to catch bait and no mess.



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    i extremely want to see this video but i cant can you send me through written instructions please please

    You're awesome!

    awesome design. where did you get the fiber optic from? was it something you had laying around or did you have to buy it?

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    I bought it, its a toslink cable which are common, they are used on xbox 360 etc. to transmit audio. The ends of the cable can differ, you want one with a bulbous end, they seem to throw out more light.

    The heavy cable shown in the last trap just came from a fibre optic dealer.

    Brilliant, so sooo easy to make, yet effective, appeals to fisherman, researchers and kids alike and theres nothing on the market that I know of that is simular. Maybe you should have patented it lol. Wondering though whats attracted to light and whats attracted to the bugs caught, maybe both.

    i really like this its super cool and interesting. Great job!!!