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As this is my 1st instructable and I am still a 7th grader so there may be a lot of mistakes in this instructable and so please do not hesitate to correct me.

This is a solar powered 1.5 Volt clock and it requires minimum components.

Step 1: Materials

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This clock requires

@ A 1.5 v clock

@ A 220 k resistor

@ A 9 v solar panel

@ A multimeter (you can also use an ammeter and a voltmeter)

Step 2: Solar Panel Setup

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Keep the panel in a place where it gives out 2.5 v. I couldn't measure the current because the ammeter function in my multimeter is not working. Can anyone test it and give it to me in the comments below?

Step 3: Connections

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Connect the resistor as shown but do not solder because you may have to remove the resistor in night time , connect the wires directly and keep the panel in a place where there is a bit of light. Sorry for this drawback. But if a light is on in the house you do not need to do this work. What needs to happen is output of 2.5 volts from the panel.

I hope someone can help me develop it more.

My 1.5 Volt clock can be operational from 0.9 Volts to 2.0 Volts.

Step 4: And Its Done

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You can now use this clock for a long time without the hassle of changing batteries.

Thank you


oboynathan (author)2014-10-07

To improve your project how about you read up on charging a single AA or AAA battery from the solar panel and letting the clock run from that. Other options would be to build a voltage regulator that drops the 9v to 1.5v and charge a 9v battery with the panel.

GaganS (author)oboynathan2014-10-08

I will do that on my next instructable. thanks for your info.

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-10-07

Cool project, you did a nice job on your first try here! Thanks for sharing!

Thank You

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