Step 2: Wiring

Solder or nicely twist together the positive and negative wires of the solar panels to the respective wires on the adapter plug. The solar panels should be connected in parallel.

Use some heat shrink tubing to insulate the wires or wrap the bare wire with electrical tape.

Connect the cigarette plug to wires to the positive and negative terminals of the breadboard or directly to the positive and negative wires of the fan.

Connect the fans to the breadboard. Fan 1 (the black one) had  the connector cut off so I connected the wires straight to the breadboard terminals. Fan 2 (blue led) had the regular computer fan connector on it so I connected it the breadboard using two pins. It may be a good idea to incorporate a switch.

Finally plug in the solar panel adapter into the input (charging) hole. 

NOTE: I know it says 300 A on the front. This is for the car battery leads that can be seen in the intro (barely) on the right edge of the photo. The cigarette plug does not output 300 amps!