Building this Solar Power Bike Trailer was probably the most fun I've ever had during a build. (Really anytime I get to use a cut-off wheel on an angle grinder, I'm pleased.) Furthermore, I'm excited for the years of fun I will have with this trailer, towing a portable dance party behind my bike! My friends and I will have the best pedal-powered dance party in the streets! Be sure to join us if you ever see us riding around :)

Step 1: Materials and Supplies

Parts List:

(1x) Bike Trailer (I found mine on craigslist)

(1x) 12V/4Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery Radioshack 55034004

(1x) +5V Fixed Voltage Regulator 7805 Radioshack 2761770

(1x) Pioneer TS-D1720C 6.75" Component Speaker Package Radioshack 55032192

(1x) Pioneer TS-D1720C 5.25" Component Speaker Package Radioshack 55032190 (I ended up only using the speakers, and not the tweeters from this package)

(1x) 5W Solar Panel Radioshack 2770112

(2x) TriColor LED Strip Radioshack 276-339

(1x) Topping TP20-MK2 MKII TA2020 Class T-AMP Digital Stereo Amplifier

(1x) Auvio Bluetooth Reciever with Near Field Communication Radioshack 150476

(1x) Small PCB Radioshack 2760148

(1x) Sunforce Charge Controller Radioshack 2770107

(1x) 50-Ft. 16-Gauge Clear 2-Conductor Speaker Wire Radioshack 278-1267

(1x) 22 Gauge stranded wire, multiple colors Radioshack 278-1224

(1x) black electrical tape Radioshack 64-2373

(1x) Size M Panel-mount Coaxial DC Power Jack Radioshack 274-1563

(1x) 3/16" battery terminal connectors Radioshack 64-3132

Additional Materials/Tools:

Wire Cutters/Strippers Radioshack 64-224

Rosin Core Solder Radioshack 64-009

Soldering Iron Radioshack 55027897

Razor Blade Cutting Tool

Power Drill


Screws Locknuts/nylon nuts (for areas of high vibration) and regular nuts, and bolts - 2" and 1"

Small L-Brackets Screwdriver

felt (for mounting components)

marking pen

metal file

wire crimper Radioshack 64-225

black spray paint

spray adhesive reflective fabric

double sided foam tape

thin vinyl tubing

1/4" plywood for mounting LED lights **I designed this project to hook up to the Tricolor LED Strip Control mechanism constructed in the Ultimate Night Bike build.

<p>I like it,but I'd guess the amp &amp; LEDs hit the battery pretty hard.If it were me,I'd add a friction type charger to each wheel,like the kind we had to run bike lights when I was a kid.I'm guessing they are higher quality and voltage now.That way,the whole time you're riding,the battery(I'd actually use 2-3 in parallel),would keep up.I'd also suggesting looking at either banggood or aliexpress for parts.WAY cheaper than Radio Shack</p>
<p>They make induction generators for bikes now! So no friction losses!</p>
<p>It's sponsored by Radio Shack :)</p>
<p>This is beyond cool :D</p>
<p>I know that this is a Radio Shack friendly project and I am not dogging them out, but I am making a statement about my personal and recent experience. We have two radio shacks within 15 miles of our home. The last five or six times I have been in there has been less and less components for those of us that like to &quot;build it ourselves&quot; and when I go online a lot of things are out of stock. It is frustrating as heck. I would love it if they could remove things they no longer carry at all and slim down their website. </p>
<p>Very cool. But as JimTheSoundman said, sound quality would be MUCH improved if your speakers were enclosed. Without an enclosure, the front radiation from the cones combines with the rear radiation, and cancels out. </p>
<p>Awesome awesome awesome! </p><p>How loud does it get, and how much battery life can you build up? Could I increase that with more than one battery? I know kind of nothing about electronics, sorry if it's a silly question:)</p>
<p>I'm about to add a second battery, but it stays charged for a long time!</p>
<p>Building a small wooden box that will cover the back of each one of the woofers will help a lot with the low end bass response on the speakers.</p>
Awesome iv been wanting to do this for a while to bolster the battery life on my system, does the solar panel supply additional power while the system is in use or will it only charge the battery when the speakers are off?
<p>Next evolution transportation.</p>
<p>This why I love Instructables, chicks making cool stuff!</p>
That's ace! I might just have to rig up something similar for my campervan!
<p>Perfect for a Critical Mass. How long does the battery last? The solar panels won't work when it's dark enough to see the LEDs...</p>
<p>Well that just turned out amazing and a half!</p>
<p>You must be crackin' crazy! ;) Ubercool project, again!</p>
<p>Bring on the <em>UN-Tiss, UN-Tiss, UN-Tiss lol</em></p><p><em>Nice Idea with the BT-Reciver!</em></p>
This is one EXPENSIVE bike trailer! So awesome though... I'm so intrigued by your imaginative mind... You never cease to amaze the Instructables world=P

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