Solar Powered Fresh Water Bubbler for Cats


Introduction: Solar Powered Fresh Water Bubbler for Cats

About: Professional 25yr Carpenter who loves doing DIY projects for my Cats.

Outside fresh water source for Cats.

Step 1: Fresh Water Source for Cats

Clean fresh water is an obvious necessity to our pets lives.

I thought I would share with you what we do for our Cats.

I made this water fountain years ago and it has been running trouble free ever since.

It is made from two plastic wall mounted pots. One size down from each other. The small pot is fixed in place by screws and sealed over with silicon.

A small pond water pump circulates and provide aeration to the water.

A hole is drilled through the base of the small pot to allow the water pump nozzle to protrude through. The pump is solar powered and provides just enough energy for the fountain nozzle to pump water over the top of the small pot into the larger pot reservoir.

All parts came from my local hardware store.

It's always being used by our Cats and I think they drink from this more than their inside water.
They also enjoy playing with the fountain as it bubbles away.



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    Very easy project Daisyblue. Set and forget, just have to fill up every now and then.

    DIY Hacks - no issue for cats. The pump is silent and the only noise is from the water flow. They play with the water bubbling up.

    Such a great idea. I need to make it!!

    Do the cats mind the pump? My cats are always cautious around electric motors.