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Introduction: Solar Electric Kart

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If you are planning to make a solar kart as a college project or for some famous competitions then you have landed up in the right place. I am making this inscrutable because I found it extremely difficult to to find enough resources online to get my work started. But before starting I have some important persons to mention and thank for helping me to complete this project.

This solar kart is was made as a team. A dynamic pro-active team from KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Hence I would share the credit of this project with my team-mates and my college. Hence i would no longer use the word "I" it's gonna be "WE".

This project was also funded by KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology. I would like to take this chance to thank our college for the Moral,Technical and Financial support provided.



Staff Coordinators

Mr. Sivaraj R M (Mechanical)

Mr. Vivekanandan (Electrical)


1 Cebe Chakaravarthi K V

2 Deepak Alagappan S

3 Ashwin R

4 Nithesh R

5 Lohesh Vengat Ba

6 Kennath Samuvel B

7 Nithin R

8 Mahammed Riyasdheen

9 Sundara Balaji R

10 Rizwan J

11 Princkle Jone M

12 Suresh C

13 Ramachanthiran

14 Vignesh S

15 Vinoth Nagarajan Sangayya

16 Sugunesh A P

17 Aswinth Raj B

18 Janarth

19 Prakash

20 Ramesh

21 Shiva Shankar

22 Santhosh

23 Surendaran

24 Dinesh A

25 Nirmal Kumar

Okay enough of Introduction, Let us start making an Solar powered Go Kart.

You might be disappointed to see that this post ends without any technical guidance from us but Trust us, we have provided you all the possible resources through attachments.

Take your time read through all the Attachments I have divided the attachments into steps so that it is easy for you to refer and download. If you have any doubts you can reach us through comments below.

Step 1: The Mechanical Stuff

Okay I am not gonna harangue you through text any more. Just download and read through.

Step 2: The Electrical Stuff

Attachments are given below.



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