Solar Powered Illuminated Saftey Cone





Introduction: Solar Powered Illuminated Saftey Cone

I had an extra LED landscape light that a neighbor had given me.
Bought this 2 pack of small thin plastic orange cones for a $1.
All I did, was to drill a hole in the top of the cone and then place the solar LED on top.
I drilled the hole just the right size so as the solar LED fits snugly on top of the cone.
Illuminates really well and will be a good device to be located near a tripping hazard.



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    what a FANTASTIC idea ! I found an all yellow safety cone we set in the road when the grandkids are playing. I also just found a number of solar lights that only needed the solar panel cleaned and a good charge that Ive been collecting alternative bases for, like in this "ible" By tomorrow night I'll have a glowing yellow cone in my yard !

    Thanks and your lights using the metal containers for bases

    it`s very original and utily...

    Oh wow. I am doing this!

    When we play 24-hour Airsoft games, we use little flags to denote safe zones, flags, or spawn points. These are good, but they can't be seen at night very well. These will be perfect!

    Looks like candy corn- could be a good Halloween decoration too!