Make your very own LED lights for camping!

Step 1: Parts

This is a very simple project and it requires no knowledge in electronics

What you'll need:
Super Capacitor (any Type) x2
1.2k ohm Resistor x1
LED x as many as you want
Solar Panel x1
Rocker/Toggle Switch x1

Step 2: Wiring

Wire according to the schematic you can even use a perf board 
PS the - and + codes on the schematic is the contacts of the solar panel( i didn't know the code for a solar panel so i just put a -+

Step 3: Installation, Uses and How It Works

You can install it anywhere you like for instance on the top of your tent 
The way this works is the solar panel charges the 2 capacitors and when you need light the you flip the switch and it uses the electricity from the capacitors to light the LEDs even if it's night time 

How long will it last?
<p>could I use some duct tape to conct the led to the solar panel? I have no soldering iron or anything</p>
You may want to specify the voltage for the solar panel and capacitors.

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