Step 1: This is what you need

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One solar powered garden lamp for about 5 Euros. Found mine at the German electronics supply store "Conrad". One optic lens to focus the projected image. One ultra bright LED, the one in the garden light is usually to dim. I took a red one. Two small pipes of aluminium or plastics, each about 5 cm in length, that fit into another. The outer tube should have the same radius as the lens.
The image you want to project on the wall, printed on a transparency film. You should print it with a high resolution because the image is magnified.
themonorail6 years ago
or even just a whole telescope??
themonorail6 years ago
can i just use a lens from a telescope or something?
mihevic6 years ago
yoitspoe7 years ago
lol it says preishit!
zofenluder7 years ago
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