Step 5: Final projector

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Now you only need to find a place where you can put it. You should carefully choose a place with a lot of sunlight. The advantage of the used solar garden light is that it only lights up at night when the graffiti can be seen. I've tested mine on the balcony the last days but I have to say that the sun here in winter is too weak to give the energy for a whole night of projection. Perhaps I should wait till spring until I expose my projector to the street. So watch out, perhaps you will see one of these someday in Munich.
urtlesquirt4 years ago
Dude this rocks.
jakk216 years ago
what does RDN stand for?
tleec11b jakk214 years ago
the doods name irl is prob rodney.... now shorten it rdni or rdn1.. thats my guess
paulezra6 years ago
can anyone help find a supplyer of the lens in australia. or a place that will ship them to australia. thanks
shadow077 years ago
That's a really good idea. I have to ask though. Does the solar panel have to face the sun directly for it to be efficient??
shadow07, I havent experimented with these small panels much though I do have some solar walkway lights (currently buried underneath the snow = not very effective). From what I have read about solar water heating panels, and should be true for all solar panels, is generally facing your panel south and with a little bit of tip toward the south (instead of the panel looking straight up) you are going to get just about the same results (within 10%) of getting a solar contractor to come out to your house and align it for the 100% best angle.
south facing for northern hem, north facing for southern
thanks. good catch. I guess I was thinking too locally. these here "internets" are kind of a big deal ALL OVER the world, huh? ; )
911TargaSC6 years ago
This is a great project. A practical use for it could be to project your street address on to the pavement at night allowing for easier location of your hosue by the pizza guy... and we all want our pizza sooner, right? : )
Petrus10027 years ago
Really like this one, and very clever too! Questions though: what type of lens did you use (in milimeters, I mean) and is it convex or concave. Also, how large is the projection? What would you have to change to get a really large projection? Thanks everyone!
Petrus, keep in mind that there are only so many lumens coming out of that LED. As you focus the image to something larger it becomes weaker. that being said, to make the image larger or smaller, experimenting with differnet lenses would be one thing, the easiest would be moving the lens closer or further away from the light source.
Cool idea and nice work! :-) I wonder if the same could be done with enough combined solar cells from old/broken garden lights to power a laser pointer to project a brighter image even farther. I'm thinking against the side of a large building. ;-)
shimniok7 years ago
You might try http://allelectronics.com/ for the lenses. I got a package of lenses from them for a small amount. They also have LEDs and various other electronics. -Michael
PS: they also have solar cells + charger circuits & leds for < $5 US ...
Robin877 years ago
I really like the idea and I'd really like to try it myself, but could you please be more precise about where you got the lense from and which LED suits best. Thanks Robin Germany