There are already several similar products at the market that combine an mp3 player and a headlight, nearly all are made in china, they are mostly good but very expensive. A model is sold for 95€uros here.

On the other hand, there are many headlights, hand torches and mp3 players which does their jobs very well and are very cheap. So I’ve concentrated on this deep :-) issue and designed an mp3-headlight-torch suitable both for bike and manual usage and costs much less the market products by using the parts of very cheaply available mp3 and lighting products.

Step 1: Requirements

Listening to your favourite music while cycling is nice. You don't want the music to be interrupted due to drained batteries.It is also nice to have the product do other duties like ligting in the smallest package coz bike handlebars are already full of other instruments nowadays.

<p>If you ever need an assembly help we can give you the service in Tijuana Mexico</p>
Very nice design! Bonus points for &quot;Beautiful Girl in lycra pants&quot;!!
<p>I dig it. 3d printers sure have made things easier for our projects! </p>
Cool! This looks a bit bulky, but when you have a speedometer, and a light, you aren't thinking about that. I might want to make this :)

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