Step 5: Night Light is on

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Solar Night Light (my webpage)Now when the sun goes down, the led will light up inside your house. I used two lights to make two night lights. You can use just one if you like. You can also place leds in other areas of the home.
SIRJAMES0911 months ago

vaseline on any & all electrical connections wil stop corrosion in its tracks...

cost of vaseline is about $2 max n my area as opposed to some of the other products that run $5 to $10 per ounce....

Just a thought....

SIRJAMES0911 months ago

so Is everything just stuck together? or did you use PVC adhesive??

jontj20005 years ago
I have a solar panel on the  outside of the south wall that goes with a set of solar rocks for a pond. I ran the wire threw the wall and put the lights over the kitchen cabinets for night lights. Free night lightning      t l
doo da do7 years ago
I wired two of the solar panels together so there would be more miliamps sent to the batteries and the lights seem to last longer with a stronger charge
parrell, if you use series the voltage would go up and that may be more than the battery should recieve
botronics (author)  doo da do7 years ago
Is that series or parallel?
botronics (author) 7 years ago
Its been almost 2 years and it still works. To help fight corrosion on the battery connections, put some of that grease they use on aluminum electrical connections or that red stuff that is used on auto battery connections. Nicad batteries out gas corrosive vapors over time.
charleeanna7 years ago