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As i was building my first Solar project, i created a native 12v output for inverter expansion and a 5v line for USB charging.
I realised, that these were 2 of the 3 voltages needed to power a PC. Could it be done?

Well yes it can! But straight from the 12v feed.

I found this site:
M4-ATX, 250w output, 6v to 30v wide input Intelligent Automotive DC-DC Car PC Power Supply

We need a very special power supply - namely, the M4-ATX from Mini-Box that can handle input voltages in a range from 6 to 30V DC.
This is supplied as a power board only! There is NO enclosure and NO cooling! So make sure you provide these before you fire it up, or it MAY set fire!

This board provides 250w power! Plenty!

Step 1: What PC Components Do I Attach?

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I searched for the lowest wattage PC. Here i found a 25w system.,2551.html

This does leave a lot of spare wattage free for expansion. But if you are going green, you may as well be as green as possible.

Step 2: Cheaper Options?

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I cannot afford this sort of setup, but would be interested on your ideas on highest available spec for each price band.


claudiopolis (author)2015-03-11

I'd rather use a Windows 8.1 Atom-based tablet hooked up directly on the 5V line. Way more power efficient than a ITX + monitor setup.

SelfSufficientDan (author)2012-12-12

You need 3.3v too.

It is advisable to incorporate voltage regulators etc into the build, as dips and surges will not be healthy.

amandaghassaei (author)2012-12-06

so other than 12V and 5V, what other voltage is needed?

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