Step 2: Get a POWER WHEELS

To start with, you will need a POWER WHEELS.

The one I am using is the JEEP COMMANDO. It's a simple, boxy vehicle with a steel frame under the plastic body.

Instead of spending good money to buy a POWER WHEELS, first check at rummage sales, classified ads, and Craigslist. Used POWER WHEELS usually go for about $50, and it you really look around, you can get them for free.

For example, I got mine for free by placing an ad on Craigslist for "WANTED: POWER WHEELS, working or not..." I originally intended to modify it for use for adult POWER WHEELS Racing, but ended up helping out on a friend's entry instead. (The Jeep DID get used as a pace-car!)

Often, chargers get lost, and batteries are not taken care of and go bad. At that point, many owners are happy just to get rid of the car for free. So, look around, you might now even have to spend any more than the legwork to get your base vehicle!

Not all these cars are the same. Some have more or less structure under the plastic body. Look for one with a good steel frame, that will be easy to attach an overhead rack to.

Chances are that it's been sitting around getting dirty. Help your child take ownership of the project by having him or her wash the car. You may just end up getting more wet than anything, but kids can do more than you think they can - at least let them try!

<p>Awesome !! What is the top speed/range?</p>
<p>Couple questions (I apologize if you answered them and I missed them): 1) how long does it take to fully charge the battery, and 2) how long does the battery stay charged (if not in the sun)? My boys want to make one for an indoor competition. Thanks so much - Stacy</p>
<p>Hello Ben I came across you video while researching an idea for an agriculture project. Great build first of all!! I know this was three years ago but the Lord just recently gave me an idea for a project using a solar powered Power wheels motor and frame for our youth agriculture program. I would like to know if everything worked out for the long haul like you wanted and what would you do differently. Man this is a fantastic idea did you ever consider patenting it and selling to Hasbro as an add on? or doing retro fits?</p><p>with the panels and frame charge controller etc what was you total cost? Its a blessing you were able to weld it and do all the work your self. Once again great job very innovative!</p><p> I would love to hear from you thanks Minister Drew from Camp CARVER <a href="mailto:themightymen@hotmail.com" rel="nofollow">themightymen@hotmail.com</a></p>
That is sick!!!! Although it would be even more awesome if you made it gas powered!!!
Hi everyone, <br> <br>After thinking about it for a while, I think I could build a version of this entirely out of plywood and stock electronic parts from scratch. <br> <br>It could be sold as a kit. (Precut wood parts flat-packed, with with electric motor, and a few other required parts.) <br> <br>What would you think of that?
Awesome! And I love the sheep in the jeep, so cute :)
Excellent build as ever ben!
this is a FANTASTIC idea !
Isn't it good when you can combine your hobbies with things your kids like to do? I find it's a lot easier to get build time when &quot;it's for the kids&quot;. Really nice build - reminds me that I need to learn how to weld.
Great job!! What is the top speed/ range? <br>
5 miles per hour<br>One backyard ( I guess that generally Power Wheels are considered an hour or so run-time )<br><br>My little girl usually plays with the car for up to 20 minutes, and the battery is fine for the whole time she's playing.
I LOVE IT! Very well done. <br> <br>I'm not sure what I loved more in the video... You riding it, or the comment about you having to teach her about the brakes! lol ;-)

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