Solar Powered Phone Charger Dose Not Work See My Other One





Introduction: Solar Powered Phone Charger Dose Not Work See My Other One

have you ever been in the middle of nowhere with no power and your phone dies? well, I have a solution for you...

Step 1: Tools/materals


-soldering iron

-hack saw

-side cutter/ wire cutter( not pictured)




-USB charging block

-solar panel (5v+)

Step 2: Open the Charging Block

Use the hack saw to cut open the USB charging block(be careful not to cut the circuit board)

Step 3: Cut the Plug Leads

Use the side cutters to clip the leads off the plugs

Step 4: Get Wire

Step 5: Solder the Leads

solder the wires on the USB leads to the correct colored wires (use heat shrink tubing to keep it all together.)

Step 6: Wire It All Up

Connect the wires to the solar panel and head outside to test

Step 7: Finished

You are all set with your new solar powered phone charger. Take it on a picnic or a hike and charge your phone anywhere



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Great, you made the part of my instructable which I have bought.
Could we also solder a USB extension cable directly to the panel? Or is there an over voltage / over current protection in the plug which you need.?

I plan a similar instructable to charge 18650 li-ion and a Sony battery.


What a cool idea! How long does it take to charge your phone?

a little longer than it would with an outlet