Introduction: Solar Powered Santa

Picture of Solar Powered Santa

A cute Origami Santa that lights up

Step 1: The Finished Solar Panel and LED

Picture of The Finished Solar Panel and LED

This is a finished solar powered LED I made this is what will light up the origami Santa.

Step 2: The Crease Marks

Picture of The Crease Marks

First start by laying down the crease marks.
1.Fold it diagonally both directions.
2.Take the top corner and fold it down to the center and unfold.
3. take the bottom corner and fold up to where you just made a crease with the top, and then unfold.
4. Take the top corner and fold in half to the first crease line and in half again then unfold.
5. Take the bottom corner and fold it in half to the first crease line, unfold.
The crease marks should look like the ones in the figure.

Step 3: Begin to Fold

Picture of Begin to Fold

Fold the top and bottom corners back along the crease lines the same way the picture has done.

Step 4: Flip Over

Picture of Flip Over

Flip over to the other side and fold the edges in.

Step 5:

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Fold both edges in again this time so that the top lines up with the center crease. next take the bottom ends and fold them up.

Step 6:

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(as shown on the left side) fold the edges in so that the edge lines up with the line between the red and white.
(as shown on the right) next fold the ends back out and tuck them in under the white triangle.

Step 7:

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Next flip it over to the other side and begin to fold the red and white flap up two times so that it looks like picture 2.

Step 8: So Cute Little Face

Picture of So Cute Little Face

Draw a cute little face to fit.

Step 9: Time to Attach

Picture of Time to Attach

attach the solar light to the back with tape so that the light pokes up like Santa's pompom,
then you are done!


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I love it

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Such a cute santa!

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