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This project is based on my Kickstarter project called Solarpad, which includes the custom high power Solarpad solar panel and Power Core battery. Specifications for Solarpad and Power Core can be found on this page: www.solarcyclepower.com

Have you ever wanted to solder outside on a nice sunny day, but your extension cord was too short? Now you can with this small but powerful portable solar soldering station! Pack it up in a small bag or toolbox and you'll be soldering on-the-go in no time! It solders no problem up to 24 gage wire, but results may vary with thicker wire.

Step 1: Connect Solar Panel to Battery

Power Core manages the solar energy automatically so all you need to do is plug in Solarpad to Power Core. Do Not connect Solarpad directly to a USB soldering iron or any other USB device besides Power Core. Solarpad outputs up to 6 Volts of raw unregulated solar power that may not be compatible with other USB devices. Only connect Solarpad to Power Core.

<p>Solderdoodle is now available for purchase at <a href="http://www.solderdoodle.com/" rel="nofollow">www.solderdoodle.com</a>.</p>
<p>I am amazed that a soldering iron could be powered by a solar cell. </p>
<p>Yes it's true!</p>

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