Solar-Powered Windmill





Introduction: Solar-Powered Windmill

This windmill came from a kit called the "DIY Solar Kit". This kit is $5.49 on I am going to show you how to attach a battery to make these projects work, because my solar panel was not working and I feel that someone else's might not work either.

Step 1: Follow Directions

Follow the directions in the kit for the structure of the windmill, or the other robot you may be making.

Step 2: Attach Your Battery

I used a switch for my windmill, which I really encourage using because it makes turning your robot on and off much easier. First, connect the wires from the motor to the switch. Then, add the necessary battery to your switch. For this specific project, you will need a AA battery. Last, connect a paper clip in the second section for the battery, as shown in the picture. I did this because the motor only uses one AA battery, but the switch uses two. The paper clip replaces the second battery without adding more power to the switch.

Step 3: Ask Questions!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me them.



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it's ok but can i connect the solar power and windmill power in parallel and then i want to charge the battery

So you're attaching a battery to test the motor?

Yes. I first attached the battery to test the motor to see if it was working. Once I found that it was working, I kept the battery on because my solar panel didn't seem to be working.

Good job robots333, your 'table might save others from the trash. I bought the same kit and luckily it worked fine.
It's marketed as educational but only has assembly instructions with zero explanation of the technology, I guess the false promise is educational in itself ;)