Step 3: So what do we need . . .

Picture of So what do we need . . .
I bought this Churchill Solar Lantern for 6 GBP from a large hardware store (B&Q) Similar products are available worldwide. Check the original manufactures website http://www.solarlamp.com

A pair of wired crocodile clips available from electronics shops ( Rapid Electronics, Maplins, etc). I chose a red and black pair so that we can identify the polarity of our new power supply.


Soldering Iron, a de-soldering iron or solder sucker if you have one. If you do not have one, this would be a great Christmas present for the would be hacker.

Suction pads for windows.

A wireless detector (more about those later)

Firstly remove any warranty stickers and throw them away. Take a screw driver and remove the complete solar unit from its outer product housing.