Step 3: So What Do We Need . . .

I bought this Churchill Solar Lantern for 6 GBP from a large hardware store (B&Q) Similar products are available worldwide. Check the original manufactures website http://www.solarlamp.com

A pair of wired crocodile clips available from electronics shops ( Rapid Electronics, Maplins, etc). I chose a red and black pair so that we can identify the polarity of our new power supply.


Soldering Iron, a de-soldering iron or solder sucker if you have one. If you do not have one, this would be a great Christmas present for the would be hacker.

Suction pads for windows.

A wireless detector (more about those later)

Firstly remove any warranty stickers and throw them away. Take a screw driver and remove the complete solar unit from its outer product housing.
Does each "packet" respond to just one cell phone. Or do they all flash or respond from just one phone or different cell phone numbers?
Thanks for your comment Apologies that this was not clear on the posting originally - I have amended it now so that Step 9 reads: folly, the Lancaster based digital arts organisation, has a limited stock of Network devices to give away for free (one per person) - to get yours send a self addressed stamped envelope to folly (Network Device), 6.4.4 Alston House, White Cross, Lancaster, LA1 4XQ, UNITED KINGDOM. Thanks! Jennifer Stoddart Programme Coordinator folly
cool. looks kinda awsome. Just wondering, how can i get my hands on a free network device? ~Twisted

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