Introduction: Solar Pyrography Garden Quotes

I love Solar Pyrography. It simply requires some old piece of wood and a magnifying glass to be made. But you end up having a cool valuable piece of art. This is a perfect project for a sunny summer day.

As you can see on my profile, I've made many Solar Pyrography projects before.

This time I've decided to make Solar Pyrography art of motivational quotes for the garden.

Wish you the best. And have fun ,Live free And Read Books on Amazon

Step 1: Get Your Material

  • Wood

I've made my Solar Pyrography on some leftover pieces of Camphor wood outer shell. But you can actually make your art on any piece of wood or plywood.

( I found an old piece, but you can buy one from Amazon US , Amazon UK , Amazon CA, Amazon DE , Amazon FR , Amazon ES , Amazon IT or eBay )

  • Magnifying Glass

( this wider the better ) from Amazon US , Amazon UK , Amazon CA , Amazon DE , Amazon FR , Amazon ES , Amazon IT or eBay , Aliexpress , Banggood

Step 2: Start Solar Pyrography and Enjoy It

You can start right now with Solar Pyrography and enjoy writing with the sun power. Unlike my previous Solar Pyrography projects, I haven't used a pencil to mark my drawing in advance.

That was for two reasons:

1 I used pencil in previous projects to mark my art so that I can find traces for what I am burning. This hasn't been the situation this time as I wanted to make some quotes and they came out on my mind spontaneously.

2 This piece of wood (Camphor Wood) I used is so delicate.It doesn't need pencil to make the burning process easier as in previous projects.

Thank you for reading my instructable.


Wish you the best. And have fun ,Live free And Read Books on Amazon


lomo85 (author)2017-08-18

Wow, great. We could make a solar-powered laser engraver. We just have to merge a 3D-Printer and your instructable.

mrsmerwin (author)2017-08-18

How much practice does it take until you can write legibly (probably spelled wrong) with a magnifying glass? I have tried writing with unusual objects with very limited success. I am not sure even pencil lines would fix my problems.

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