Solar RC Car





Introduction: Solar RC Car

A rc car with two solar panels strapped up top for charging power. (Sorry no images) video coming soon. This is my first Instructable so be as honest as you can be

Step 1: Scavenge the Parts

The first thing is to get the parts. You will need:

-Scavenged chargeable rc car (the bigger the better)
-two 12 volt solar panels (flexible is best)
-1-2 diodes (two if you recharge the controller battery)
-(optional) panel for controller that is close to its voltage
-(optional but recommended) old computer fan whatever size works


-soldering iron
-duct tape

Step 2: Wire the Panels to Car

First is to pull the car apart. You need pull the body of the top of the car. Then find the positive and negative terminals of the pcb in the car. If there is a cover over the pcd drill holes to run wires through. Take the two 12 volt solar panels and solder wires on them (make sure you have enough to lay the solar panel next to the car with the cover of). Solder the diode on the positive terminal. Then run the wires through the holes and solder in them parallel to the diode and negative terminals. leave the cover of for the next step.

Step 3: Wire the Fan to the Car

This is simple. Wire this to either the positive and negative terminals on the rc car pcb or one of the solar panels. Close the car up.

Step 4: Wire the Controller

This is simple too. take the small solar panel. wire to long wires on the panel. Solder the wires to the terminals inside the controller. Make sure you drill wholes for the wires to come out of. Then your done.

Step 5: Driving

set up the panel, make sure the car was or is sitting in the sun and drive.



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    also, what do you mean by panel for controller. please get back to me fast cause i have a science fair project soon and i really would like to do this one.

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    I dont unserstand does the controller wired to the car

    its cloudy, now what?

    i am building a solar car too but my steps was a little bit diffrent but its cool

    It's funny looking back on this now, and knowing what I do now about electronics vs. then, I'm a little shocked that I didn't hurt myself more often. ha ha.

    im building a solar powerd car for a show at a elmentry school...any tips?
    nice car by the way