Picture of Solar School Bus

Our grandson Matthew had long outgrown the Buddy L Toy School Bus that we picked up at a garage sale years ago, so it was languishing in the basement buried in the basket of neglected toys.   Coming across it recently, my wife suggested to me: "...why don't you make it solar powered or something..."  The result now daily makes its rounds on the living room floor -  rain or shine.
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Step 1:

Picture of
This toy is about 10" long with a metal body, so is rather heavy for powering by mere light. And of course, a school bus must be able to make its runs on cloudy days as well as sunny. So it was clear that the bus would have to incorporate a so-called "solar engine". This is a circuit that allows the electrical energy produced by solar cells to be stored up until enough has been accumulated to start the motor and move the bus along a fair distance.
J-Five2 years ago
Now all need is tiny students, lol
mikeasaurus2 years ago
Nice reuse. I have used the same solar flashlight for a few projects and think it's a good choice.