The purpose of this solar heater is to concentrate heat from the sun on a black surface and radiate it into the room. It fits around/onto a window and can serve as an indirect fix for poorly-insulated windows. Ideally, the window will be south-facing in order to catch the most amount of winter sun. This project is designed for a 6x2 foot window, but measurements can be adjusted accordingly.

Materials needed:
Two six-foot 2x4’s
One sheet of ¼ inch plywood (in our case it was 44x72 inches)
2 yards of black felt, 2 feet across (or fit to window)
Japanese saw
Tape measure
Wooden molding (½ in.)

Step 1: Making the frame

In our case, the window was 6x2ft. 

Cut a 2ft. portion from one of the 2x4’s for the base of the heater

Cut 4 inches from the other 2x4 then cut in half (keeping in mind that 2 inches on each side of the frame will be comprised of the 2x4 laying across the bottom of the frame)

That's very clever, and perfect for the sub-tropic region I live in..we do get the occasional cold spell in winter. Thanks!
Image 1 gets cropped to a black square for the thumbnail, have you a different picture?<br> <br> L<br>

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