Like cousins No-Melt Sparkleball and Sparkleball Mini, Solar Star Sparkleball is a handmade light ball made of plastic cups and Christmas lights. The big difference: the lights are little icicles powered by a solar panel. Arranged in a sparkleball, the icicles make a star shape and give off a starry, snowy light. Lovely in trees! (For a kid's project, adapt directions using the No-Melt method.)

Step 1: What You'll Need

1. 50 Solo-style 9 oz tumbler-size plastic cups (with slanted sides)
2. A string of solar holiday lights. I used icicle lights (25 to a string) from Target
3. clothes pins (optional)
4. soldering iron (or for a no-melt version adapt using No-Melt Instructions)
5. zipties to make hanger
6. hot glue gun to anchor lights (optional)
7. outdoor work space; fans for ventilation

You can avoid the need to replace the rechargable battery by simply removing it from the holder. I use these (solar-powered) lights around my camper each summer, and they &quot;keep&quot; very well if charged up all of the last day of use before removal for the winter.<br> <br> I usually store them inside the light fixture in the fall and winter, so they are there &amp; ready in the spring. One note: just be sure to give them time to recharge on the first day you put them out.<br> <br> Merry Christmas!

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