In this instructable, we show you how to build a type of solar thermal cooker that actually works.

Step 1: Scope and Materials

First off, our goal was to successfully build a thermal cooker that could work at a high enough temperature that would cook food. Our maximum temperature reached was 325 degrees. People who would be interested in remaking this project are people who want to see if it works or anyone who needs an alternative to cook their food. People who don't have a way to cook their food, too. 
1 piece of big foam board (2ft x 5ft)
1 roll of reflective tape
1 box of aluminum foil
1 box cutter 
1 pair of scissors 
1 roll of clear tape

Some materials you probably already have, like scissors and foil (standard price for foil is about $5). The foam board will be around $12 and the tape will be $8. The box cutter will probably be $14.
This project will take 2 days, with breaks, if you are a perfectionist. When handling the box cutters you will want to be careful, but other then that the rest of the materials aren't very dangerous. If you don't have any of the materials listed above, you can use cardboard, aluminum foil and standard scissors for the project. We found that the above materials work best, though.
When finished, the size of the cooker should be 26 x 12 x 24 (in inches).
<p>it&acute;s cool but the food needs to be very hot to cook and i think than the weather isn't at 400 fahrenheits so i think than you can't cook anything with that. But that was a good idea</p>
As I mentioned on another instructable for a solar cooker, cheap/free highly reflective material (better than foil) ...chip bags. The inside is usually almost mirror quality. Just cut along the seams to open flat (after the chips are eaten of course! Lol) and wash the salt and oil off with dish soap. Friends and neighbors are a great free source if you don't eat many chips yourself. :-)
<p>Awesome, thanks for including the physics behind it :)</p>

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