What you are about to see is something I haven't actually made out of PVC yet.. That's the beauty of this lesson here. I will guide you with skematics. Then you'll design a method to mount the actuator motors you custom ordered online. Sound challenging??? Good this exercise will make you less stupid. I will provide specific important information so you don't screw up and waste material. When it is complete you will have created a 2 axis full range device that can focus the suns energy into parabolic mirrors or solar pannels. Dont screw this up!!

Step 1: Hunt and Gather

Get some old stinking pair of roller skates. With the plans rollerblade to your local hardware store and get the hardware and materials you need, when you get home take off the stinking pair of old roller skates and dismantle it, until all 8 wheels are free.~ Now All you really need is .... •measuring tape! •PENCIL & sharpie. •Straightedge •Anti-eye gouging glasses• Anti get shirtsleeves twisted in drill chuck mangling flesh shirt.(short sleeve shirt that says nonya and argo(anti bother me I'm WORKING! T-shirt.)• Drill press• Bandsaw (optional)• Table saw,or handsaw, or jigsaw don't matter just, stay outside the lines!!!• 8mm drill bit !!!• PVC drill jig~ •1x7"x 12" wood •1x3"x 12" wood PVC cutters• PVC glue(don't glue till it all fits right!)• Equal to or More than 20 feet of 1 inch •diameter PVC pipe!• Four 2'x8mm dowels• 4 L shaped 1" inner Di fittings.• 11 T shaped 1" inner Di fittings.• 2 TL shaped 1" inner Di fittings.• 3'x3'x3/4'' plywood• Sand paper and lacquer • 1x Skate deck grip-tape.• Eight 1 1/2" screws and one 6 inch screw• four 8mm Di 3" bolts/ nuts(metric)• One 8mm Di 5" bolts/ nuts(metric)• two 8mm Di 6" bolts/ nuts(metric)• Outer diameter collar spacer for horizontal axis bearings.(electric tape or if you wanna get fancy stick a piece of scrap 1 inch Di pipe, glue and bore 22mm hole)
The idea is good, and the project is well managed. But the axis must not to be vertical, it must be parallel to the earth axis. This is called equatorial mounting. To get it, you must lean the axis an angle equal to the site's latitude: horizontal at the equator, vertical at the poles. <br> <br>Theoretically, you also must vary it during the year some degrees as sun travels north-south and vice versa, but this correction is minor and could be ignored.
<p>you are absolutely right. interesting.</p>
<p>the module would have to be leveled accordingly</p>
Very nice Drawings
<p>its also a universal design, can be applicable to a wider range of uses. other than mounting solar panels Fresnel lenses or parabolic mirrors.</p>

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