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Step 2: The Specs Guide

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Note: Although the drawing looks perfectly scale, it is not! But close enough to estimate roughly how-much raw material need! You dont want to spend too much, and you definitely don't wanna be SHORT!!!! I have no idea what size diameter wheels you have, I don't know what electronic equipment you'll have. BTW have everything gathered before you build it.!!!!!!!!!!!!! So you can measure for the mounting brackets need for the last step Especially the fittings, I'm not a plumber and idk if your hardware store has different dimensions for fittings. All you gotta do is decide how big you want the PVC base (not the platform!! plat form is measured according to wheel base width.) Precisely measure your fittings( flush depth of female adapter, etc. related to blueprints. Be interactive. Record what you have and plug your numbers into the FORMULAS i have already created for you. Your welcome. Cutting the correct lengths of PVC takes sequential steps. Its already been simplified so don't freak out if you've taken basic geometry.