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Step 3: Cutting PVC To Specific Length

Picture of Cutting PVC To Specific Length
Formulas 1. Measure length of T fitting and female Depth. add those numbers up and youll get sum that is equal to what will be the length of cut (2.) Find length from the outside edge to edge of the entire frames base for Cut (3.)is = 1/2[(L.)-(2Xa+2Xb-(2.))] Cut (4.)= W-2X Hypotanus squared= (1/2L.)squared + (1/2L)squared. Or find square root of (1/2L.)squared + (1/2L)squared. Once the hypotenuse is acquired you can now move on to.. Cut (5.)= H-(xa+xb)+ 2x 2x represents the female adapter depth times two. Cut (6.)= W-(2xc+xb) Congratulations if you used your memory from basic algebra and geometry with the drawings you should have come up with answers for measuring labeling and cutting,That is great just Great!!