Step 8: Final Glue

Now that the pre glued groups are cured it is time to join the rest. Keep fully intact on flat table. Start by joining UPPER quadrants. 3 to right-angle to T to group 5 on all sides. 6 to central mount fitting. Same thing for lower quadrant and join to central mount. Make sure it is all straight. LET CURE Align 2+ 4 with dowel+ wheels Start with 2 then 4 and your done son!!!
The idea is good, and the project is well managed. But the axis must not to be vertical, it must be parallel to the earth axis. This is called equatorial mounting. To get it, you must lean the axis an angle equal to the site's latitude: horizontal at the equator, vertical at the poles. <br> <br>Theoretically, you also must vary it during the year some degrees as sun travels north-south and vice versa, but this correction is minor and could be ignored.
<p>you are absolutely right. interesting.</p>
<p>the module would have to be leveled accordingly</p>
Very nice Drawings
<p>its also a universal design, can be applicable to a wider range of uses. other than mounting solar panels Fresnel lenses or parabolic mirrors.</p>

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