Picture of Solar USB wallet charger
In this steb by step I will show you how to make a wallet USB solar charger. who knew you had the option of saving money by opening your wallet?

Step 1: Tools and parts needed:

Picture of Tools and parts needed:
5 volt regulator
two or one small solar panel
soldering iron
hot glue+gun
wire strippers
exacto or utility knife
female usb port
electrical tape
skilalowski2 years ago
only bad idea about this is you need to leave your wallet out to get power. People would see it and take it.
out-of-the-box (author)  skilalowski2 years ago
Well I use it and never let it outta sight. I don't think anyone would leave their phone and money lol I wouldn't. Also when I made it I had a use in mind, leave it on a car dash board or something similar.
In my city, if we leave something of value in view in the car, you can get a ticket!
Now if only this could recharge the currency section of my wallet...
Hey maybe that is possible haha.
out-of-the-box (author) 2 years ago