Picture of Solar bulb. Sun Catcher
Get the sun into your dark space

Save on electric bill!

Bring a sustentaBle light using a soda bottle, a piece of metal, water, bleach and some sealant.

This solar bulb never heats up! (AND IT REALLY WORKS)
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Step 1: A hole for the solar bulb

Picture of A hole for the solar bulb

Punch a hole on a piece of metal roofing.

Step 2: Almost ready

Picture of Almost ready

Slip in a plastic bottle and apply some sealant.

Step 3: "Charge" it

Picture of
Put one cup of bleach in the bottle and fill in the rest with water.

Can be that easy?

Of course not!:
now you need to close the bottle....

Step 4: "Plug in" the solar bulb

Picture of
Instal the Sun Catcher on the roof.
whait862 years ago
HarveyH443 years ago
How does this not heat up? Wouldn't the bottle swell and eventually rupture? Don't think this would last long in the Florida sun, really rough on plastic.
malka1 (author)  HarveyH443 years ago
this is used in very hot places, but if you are concerne you can use non retornable bottles that are heavyer
LordMekk3 years ago
I missing something, Why the bleach?
malka1 (author)  LordMekk3 years ago
also the bleach helps to make a wither light
Bleach helps prevent growth of algae in the closed bottle. This idea has been around for a while, it was posted almost a month ago here and it was in the news way before then. But it is a great idea and so simple to do.