Introduction: Solar Bulb. Sun Catcher

Picture of Solar Bulb. Sun Catcher

Get the sun into your dark space

Save on electric bill!

Bring a sustentaBle light using a soda bottle, a piece of metal, water, bleach and some sealant.

This solar bulb never heats up! (AND IT REALLY WORKS)

Step 1: A Hole for the Solar Bulb

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Punch a hole on a piece of metal roofing.

Step 2: Almost Ready

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Slip in a plastic bottleand apply some sealant.

Step 3: "Charge" It

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Put one cup of bleach in the bottle and fill in the rest with water.

Can be that easy?

Of course not!:
now you need to close the bottle....

Step 4: "Plug In" the Solar Bulb

Picture of "Plug In" the Solar Bulb

Instal the Sun Catcher on the roof.


whait86 (author)2012-08-08


HarveyH44 (author)2011-11-04

How does this not heat up? Wouldn't the bottle swell and eventually rupture? Don't think this would last long in the Florida sun, really rough on plastic.

malka1 (author)HarveyH442011-11-06

this is used in very hot places, but if you are concerne you can use non retornable bottles that are heavyer

LordMekk (author)2011-11-04

I missing something, Why the bleach?

malka1 (author)LordMekk2011-11-06

also the bleach helps to make a wither light

nnygamer (author)LordMekk2011-11-04

Bleach helps prevent growth of algae in the closed bottle. This idea has been around for a while, it was posted almost a month ago here and it was in the news way before then. But it is a great idea and so simple to do.

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