Picture of Solar charger
In this step-by-step guide i'm about to teach you how to design and build a simple solar charger.

What you'll need:

1) Solar panel.
2) Adjustable Boost Converter Charger Module.
3) Electrical Wires.
4) USB female cable.
5) A box.
6) Recommended  - portable USB charger, a cord, led. 
7) Soldering Tin.
8) Duct tape.


1) Plier.
2) Soldering iron.
3) Hot glue gun.
4) A knife.
5) Tweezers.
6) Voltmeter.
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Step 1: Attaching wires to the panel

Picture of Attaching wires to the panel
Solder electrical wires to the solar panel (Red to +, black to -).
Cover it with the duct tape. 

Step 3: Connecting USB

Picture of Connecting USB
Cut the USB cable and then solder the + cable to the + output in the module and the - cable to the - output. 

Step 4:

Picture of
Mark on the top of the box the size of the solar panel.
Cut near the borders that you've marked so the hole is a bit smaller than the panel.
otmpp15 days ago
where can I get a solar panel in the UK anyone
crashzoom (author)  otmpp13 days ago
order one from eBay
SparkySolar2 months ago

Thank you for your Instructable

Nice job.


crashzoom (author)  SparkySolar13 days ago
thank you :-)
SparkySolar2 months ago

Thank you for your Instructable

Nice job.


97737769012 months ago
can i use 5.5 volts solar cell
Mr_Rep3 months ago

so i have a 4 AA battery holder, and a 7.2V NiMh RC heli battery. which would be more feffective with the use of a 6V solar cell?

gridarmorfix5 months ago
I would recommend using a dc to dc step up module eBay item number 321333677611 this will allow smartphone charging. because the solar panel is only a few hundred milliamps I would also recommend charging the phone in the off state as your phone may not charge at all if it's on. my phone pulls .94 amps while charging, that's 940 milliamps.
edservice8 months ago

Could you please provide a part # and source for the solar panel

crashzoom (author)  edservice7 months ago
billbillt8 months ago

great project...well done...

crashzoom (author)  billbillt7 months ago

Tnx :)

gravityisweak8 months ago
Whats the name of that adjustable boost module? I have a dc-dc buck converter but it does not boost voltage.
crashzoom (author)  gravityisweak8 months ago

crashzoom (author)  crashzoom8 months ago

That's the one i bought

Great tutorial! Does it matter if you cover the wires with electrical tape or duct tape?

crashzoom (author)  Penolopy Bulnick8 months ago

Thanks :) i agree with nqtronix about the tape issue, i used it to prevent wires from touching each other.

As long as the tape is none conductive it should be fine in this aplication. When working with higher voltages however you should use proper isolation with either electrical tabe or heatshinking tube just to make sure you're out of danger.

Awesome! Thanks :)